Connecticut native Kaitlin Ohlinger has been in food & beverage since age 16. Her professional path began with eight years as General Manager & Wine Buyer for a small restaurant group in Columbia, South Carolina. She has written extensively for several print & online publications, specializing in wine, beer & industry-related content. 

In 2014, she was bitten by the Oregon wine bug, and moved to the Willamette Valley, where she worked at Beaux Fréres Winery as their Compliance & Fulfillment manager. There she honed her skills at government paperwork, and found that this side of the business really suited her skill set. 

In 2016, an opportunity with Advintage Distributing of SC presented itself and she spent the next three years in wholesale distribution sales of wine, beer & spirits. 

In early 2019, the lure of resettling in her home base of Northwest Connecticut was quite strong, so she uprooted once again. Fourth Tier Consulting was created with the intention of gathering the past 15 years of experience into one place. Kate loves to be a witness and facilitator for growth of any size, and looks forward to helping clients with their goals.